This project is a prototype to address traffic problems for ambulances in developing countries like India and was done as part of "Engineering for the Developing World" course.

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Background and Motivation

In metropolitan cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc., daily routine includes hours of time meddling through bustling traffic. It is already an ordeal when they have a flight to catch or an important meeting to attend and they are stuck in a heavily weaved traffic jam. Imagine this case when, someone’s life is in danger and they are stuck in the middle of nowhere. There is no greater loss than losing your dear ones, but it is much harder to digest the fact that, there was a chance of saving them. It is devastating for families emotionally, socially, economically and physiologically.

Problem Statement

“Emergency response time in India is very high.”

Product Requirements

India requires a new reform in many walks of life to solve this problem, political, judicial, social and economical. An ideal solution, though far-fetched and a bit unrealistic, should be that every person understands the value of life and gives right of way to the ambulance, the response time of ambulance is less than 4 mins, every ambulance is well equipped with all the necessary first-response medical equipment and trained professionals and finally a dedicated high-speed emergency lane. But here are some realistic approaches to this problem that we think can be implemented in near future.

  • A solution that should decrease emergency response time.
  • A solution that fits Indian traffic culture.
  • A solution that has no overhead for emergency responders.
  • A solution that is affordable and integrates into existing system.


“Ambulance dynamically sends early/heads up SMS to all traffic police on its way to the destination”



SMS Example

SMS Demo


Note: SMS delivery disabled after Dec 4, 2014.

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