• Computing in the Cloud

    How does cloud help in computing?

    NetworksCloud ComputingDistributed Computing

  • Privasee

    Network security hackathon app for kids


  • Home for the Homeless

    Hackathon app for Homeless


  • Log Structured File System

    A simulation of simple file system

    C++Operating Systems

  • Client Server Chat application

    Turn based client-server chat application using socket programming.

    C++Computer NetworksSocket Programming

  • Life @ Speed of Ambulance

    This project is a prototype to address traffic problems for ambulances in developing countries like India


  • Lucas Kanade Optical Flow

    This project implements Lucas-Kanade (LK) version of optical flow to estimate motion between two images.

    C++OpenCVImage ProcessingComputer Vision

  • Connected Component Labeling

    This project implements the one-pass connect-component algorithm.

    C++OpenCVImage ProcessingComputer Vision

  • Background Subtraction

    This project implements the 1-D Gaussian background subtraction algorithm.

    C++OpenCVImage ProcessingComputer Vision

  • 3 Phase Secondary Injection Simulation System

    Touch screen based Human machine interface and character device driver for a simulation system that tests and calibrates generator control panels and power electronics

    CLinuxAdobe FlexActionScriptHardware

  • Fanzone

    An iOS app for sports fans to cheer for their teams by sharing real-time videos.


  • NHL Alumni CMS

    Content Management Systems for NHL Alumni teams